What The Players Think Of The Strat

Here are the opinions of just a few great guitarists regarding the Strat.
"I just love the shape of the strat. I love the three pickups, the shape of the head, the neck. Even if it wasn't a guitar, if it was a door stop or something, it would still be a great piece of design" -GEORGE HARRISON
"It's like Leo Fender, Leonarndo DaVinci....Leo's an artist, an original. The Strat is as sturdy and strong as a mule, yet it has the elgance of a racehorse. It's got everything you need, and that's rare to find in anything. The man made a work of art here" -KEITH RICHARDS
"The Strat has just a unique combination of pickups sounds-I just love the way it sounds and I'm glad Leo Fender was born" -BONNIE RAITT
"I think it's the most expressive of all the electric guitars, it had the most vocal tone-it's the nearest to the human voice that you can get" -ROBIN TROWER
"A Stratocaster does all the things that other guitars do. The other guitars are famous because they have a certain sound, but this one will do everything. It can be a big box Gibson sound, it'll sound like a telecaster, it'll do everything. Plus it looks cool" -JIMMIE VAUGHAN
"Most guitars will go out of tune when you lean on the string too hard, but for some reason the Strat is rock solid. You can get really physical and manhandle it, and it'll still be there for you" -NILS LOFGREN
"For me, the sound of a strat with a Fender amp is really all I need" -ROBERT CRAY